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Dry shower trap “Vline 360 Pro” with glued tile

The shower trap is a well-known shower drainage solution for everyone, and now it has a much more attractive and modern design. The trap with the glued tile creates a seamless, uninterrupted view of the shower floor and there are no limits when choosing the size and shape of the shower area. The shower area with a trap on the floor dries quickly, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Dimensions of the shower trap: 150 mm x 150 mm.

Warranty – 7 years (for metal parts – 7 years, for plastic parts – 3 years).

High quality

Shower channels are made of stainless steel AISI 304, which is resistant to corrosion, alkaline solutions, and does not contain toxic substances. Special metal processing, cold and hot rolling ensures the mechanical strength of the product’s resistance to deformation. “Vline 360 Pro” shower channels meet the safety, health and environmental requirements of the CE-certified EU products.

Dry type siphon

The special construction of the siphon creates wet and dry type barriers for bad odors from the sewer. Wet-type protection is a small amount of water at the bottom of a siphon. Special siphon valves prevent this water from evaporating, thus creating another, dry-type barrier. At the same time, it guarantees 100 % protection against bad odors from the sewage system without using the shower area even for a long time.

Modern design

The shower trap with a glued tile is attractive not only from the aesthetic point of view due to the seamless, uninterrupted, even view of the floor, but also due to its functionality and easy maintenance. This is an extremely popular choice for semi-open shower areas, creating a threshold-free system.

Low installation depth

The installation depth of the shower trap is only 56 mm from the level of the concrete floor, which is particularly important when renovating and repairing the shower area.


The trap run rotates 360°, greatly facilitating the connection of the trap to the sewer pipe. The water permeability of the channel is 0.7 l/s.

Convenient and easy maintenance

The set of the shower trap includes a special hook for convenient lifting of the tile, cleaning of the trap and maintenance during operation. The removable siphon mesh is designed to collect dirt, such as hair, etc., from the drained water.


Also suitable for heated floors. Suitable for installation not only in concrete but also in light frame floors up to 28 mm (OSB, Cetris, gypsum boards or other floors). An additional part is used for this – a trap gasket “Vline 360 Pro+25”.

Everything included in the set

The set of the shower trap contains all the necessary installation accessories: waterproofing material – waterproof fabric, installation instructions.

Global concept

Shower traps “Vline” are adapted to the global “Barrier-Free Environment” concept – they help people with reduced mobility and disabilities to use sanitary facilities more easily and do not create structural barriers.

The set of the shower trap “Vline360 Pro” consists of:

  1. Shower trap housing, 1 pc. 
  2. Trap grille – frame for gluing tiles (stainless steel) 1 pc.
  3. Waterproof fabric 1 pc.
  4. Siphon (dry type) to prevent odors 1 pc.
  5. Drainage to sewer transition from 40d to 50d, 1 pc.
  6. Hook (for shower trap maintenance), 1 pc.
  7. Hook (for shower channel maintenance) 1 pc.
  8. Installation instructions 1 pc.
  9. Box, packing 1 pc.

Dimensions of the shower traps: 150 mm x 150 mm.

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